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Lodge St. Andrew Livingston Station No. 1587

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Rhys McTaggart Charity

Bro. Robert Spalding RWM with representatives of the charity.
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New Ballot Box

As the Lodge’s Ballot Box was starting to break up a replacement was sought.   Brother Tommy Doherty Past Master of Lodge St. John Stoneyburn No. 1186 was approached and duly agreed to make one for the Lodge.   Brother Tommy refused any payment only that Lodge St. Andrew would attach a plaque in memory of his old friend the late Brother George Fairley Founder Member and Past Master of 1587, Past Master of 482 and an Initiate of 270 who died so tragically on the 16th February 2014.

The Ballot Box was “Properly Prepared” and was presented to the Lodge at the Regular Meeting of the 11th April 2014. Brother Robert Spalding RWM expressed his grateful thanks to Brother Tommy for such a generous and thoughtful gesture.

Bro. Robert Spalding RWM 1587 and Bro. Tommy Doherty PM 1186.

Ballot Box with inscription.

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Master’s Social

Although it was arranged at short notice  a larger attendance had been hoped for.

However the Brethren and their guests who did attend thoroughly enjoyed their “blether and swally” and a mid recess catch up.

Please remember Brethren that Our Lodge relies heavily on these social functions as a major source of income.

Annual Ball (2014)

The Annual Ball was a great success and very much enjoyed by all who attended
Photographs are being censored/prepared for publishing and will be posted soon

Photos now posted.   Click Here to view


A cracking start to the new season was made by Lodge St Andrew 1587 when on the night of Monday 1st of September 2014, with a Deputation of 22 they wrested the “TRAVELLING TROWEL” from the hands of Lodge Polkemmet 927.  The reason for the visit was to confer the Entered Apprentice Degree on one Candidate and I am pleased to report that the work carried out by RWM Bro. Robert Spalding and his Degree Team was of the highest standard. When asked for his comments RWM Robert Spalding said that he was “OVER THE MOON”.

The RWM would again like to thank his Degree Team for the manner in which they carried out the Degree, to the Brethren from Lodge St Andrew 1587 who accompanied him for their support, to all the Brethren present that evening for the attention they gave the Degree Team and to Lodge Polkemmet 927 and their Brethren for the invitation to confer the Degree and proving to be such excellent hosts

Wednesday 14th January we visited Lodge Hope Bridge Castle No. 827. to Confer the FC Degree.   On that occasion Bro. Robert Spalding IPM 1587 was presented with his Golden Jubilee Diploma by Lodge Hope Bridge Castle No. 827.

Friday 16th January  we visited Lodge Dura Allanton No. 1513. to Confer the FC Degree.   On that occasion Bro. Jim Graham PM 1513, PM 1587 was presented with his Golden Jubilee Diploma by Lodge Dura Allanton 1513.

Brother Jim Graham PM sent in the following message.

“ I would take this opportunity of thanking the Brethren of my affiliate lodge for their attendance at my mother lodge DURA on the occasion of the presentation of my 50 year diploma. St Andrew worked an excellent degree and it was a pleasure to see my son Alan act as stand in candidate, haste ye back to lodge DURA 1513 Bro Jim”

Brother Derek Wilson PM

Brother Derek Wilson PM our treasurer received Honorary Membership from Lodge Buchan St John No 636 on Thursday 3rd November 2016.  Brother Derek also received Honorary Membership from Lodge Pioneer No. 1305 on Friday 18th November 2016 where he was the first Honorary Member to be presented with a Jewel.

In both cases Honorary Membership was bestowed on him for his assistance given so willingly and cheerfully to both Lodges.